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Definition of a MontPac Affiliate
A MontPac Affiliate is an individual or professional firm possessing the requisite professional characteristics and qualifications which wants to expand its services and contributors to the success of its clients by providing highly professional accounting and financial management.

Primary Affiliate examples are CPA or other financial services firms which are already doing some accounting work for clients but which are constrained in the growth of such services because of cost and qualified personnel availability.

In essence, the Affiliate has the relationship and local reputation and MontPac provides the professional transaction processing and accounting capabilities at a cost that permits meaningful profitability on an annual basis for the Affiliate.

Accounting services is a rapidly growing area of professional activity for accounting firms and MontPac enables the Affiliate to grow rapidly and very profitably without stress and management complexity.

MontPac Affiliate Qualification Criteria
  • A belief in the contributions of global outsourcing and a desire to build a rapidly growing professional outsourced accounting practice.
  • Highest reputation for:
  • Fair dealing
  • Client relationships
  • Professionalism
  • Quality service
  • Financially stable and able to meet contractual commitments
  • Demonstrated ability to rapidly grow a professional practice
  • Skilled in marketing of professional services
  • Respect intellectual property
  • Committed to a collaborative effort with MontPac with mutual goal achievement
  • Commitment to follow the MontPac Way and MontPac procedures and policies
  • Desirous of using MontPac marketing materials and affiliate designations
Contact person

Henry Montgomery
Chairman and CEO MontPac

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