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Why Your Business Needs Accounting
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An effective CEO knows that a concrete and structured accounting system is a necessity for the business. Keeping tab on all finances in an excel spread sheet is one thing, but navigating through taxation issues, regulations, or complex accounting problems is another. Oftentimes, it’s good business sense to seek out the help of an outsourced or independent accounting firm because of the following: Unfamiliarity. It’s better to trust a firm that knows how to work around the intricacies of the…

What to look for in an outsourcing firm
What to Look for in an Outsourced Accounting Firm
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What to Look for in an Outsourced Accounting Firm When it’s time for a business to prepare year-end financial statements, present tax planning and compliance or establish a more sophisticated accounting system, owners either take on the job themselves or outsource a professional accounting firm to do so. If you ever decide to pursue the latter, take note of the following characteristics if you want your business to remain unsurpassed. COSTS. Accounting fees differ from one firm to another. Some…

Companies saving small companies
Outsourced Accounting: How It Can Save Your Business
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Outsourced Accounting: How It Can Save Your Business Perhaps the most challenging thing a business owner can face is to keep the business going no matter how bumpy the road towards success is. Few can afford to make mistakes but others just can’t and so they enlist the help of outsourcing companies to provide assistance. One of the many business processes top companies outsource is accounting. It certainly is a wise move because of the various benefits it offers including:…

Best Tax Practices for Small Businesses
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BY DONALD WILLIAMSON AND DAVID KAUTTER Although MontPac does not provide taxation services, its benchmark accounting and reporting processes and disciplines promote sound tax practices and provide tax practitioners with all information needs on a timely basis. (Aug 27, 2013) The Internal Revenue Service has sent letters to thousands of small business owners recently, questioning whether they underpaid their taxes last year. Titled “Notification of Possible Income Underreporting,” the letters were mailed to small employers this summer requesting that they…

20 Trends to Watch
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20 trends to watch; Sharing a great article from Accounting Today for the Web CPA: New areas of change that accountants should be on the lookout for. 1. LOOK, MA — NO WALLS! Who it matters to: Primarily very small and start-up firms. The details: With all the desks and equipment and filing cabinets and photos on the walls, it’s easy to confuse your office for your firm. After all, it’s where your staff go to work every day, and…

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