Why Montpac?

High-Value Financial Management
MontPac is an integrated and organic element of a client’s organization and operations. We ensure that management information is timely, precise, accurate and meaningful so that business owners can make the informed decisions that are vital to the growth of their businesses. A partnership with MontPac ensures that decisions are made based on appropriate levels of detail as we measure critical elements of the enterprise.

  • Professional financial management guidance-big company competence
  • Comprehensive and timely financial information for management decisions
  • Integrated, seamless accounting and financial reporting
  • Taxation planning and return preparation support
  • Budgets, measurements, key performance indicators
  • Enhanced control over spending and supports focus on profitability
  • Improved internal controls
  • Management time saver
  • Lower cost yet demonstrably higher value
  • Improves overall company productivity

There is no client too small for MontPac. All clients are equally important. Doing good business means delighting our clients by providing them with the numbers they need before they ask for it. The structure of our system guarantees that we meet our commitments to our clients. Our clients can range from any type of industry.

Reduced Management Complexity
We take your accounting headaches and make them our own. Accounting is our specialty and we have hired and trained hundreds of professionals; many of whom are CPAs, to focus on the critical elements of your business so that you can continue to pursue your key strengths as a business and service your customers with excellence.

Your benefits:

  • No need for accounting office space
  • No hiring, training, managing, leading, and replacing finance personnel
  • No absenteeism
  • No employee turn-over
  • No single point of failure
  • No STRESS!

Superior Client Service
Basic belief of MontPac and provided by:

  • Disciplined professionals
  • Cross trained on all clients and backed-up
  • Pleasant and very nice to work with
  • Experienced on any accounting system
  • Committed to client service

We value and provide:

  • Responsiveness
  • Frequent and clear communications
  • Anticipation of clients’ needs
  • Reminders and follow-ups
  • Adherence to process, systems and disciplines
  • Positive and friendly attitude

Outstanding People

This is the MontPac Way. Our people live by these standards and the best part of it all, they are passionate about what they do because they always want to be the best in their craft.

Security and Business Continuity
We take security of your accounting records very seriously. The following are just some of the areas of our ongoing security practices:

  • Facilities Security
  • Internet Security
  • Protection From Viruses, Malware and Spyware
  • Software Patch Management
  • Password Policy
  • PC Workstation Policies
  • Input-Output Device Policy
  • Data Back-up
  • Protection From System Failures

Advanced Software, Filing and Communications
We provide a world-class digital infrastructure to support our clients while we work remotely from our operations centers:

  • Accounting software in our Cloud or on your server. Through this advanced system of accounting software access, our clients can see their financial information at any time.
  • Digital archiving through electronic filing systems. We organize files and records to systematically control documentation.
  • Sophisticated telephony system. We can provide local area code access to our operations center.

Robust Systems, Controls and Disciplines
Systems – Over MontPac’s many years of client service, we have refined the systems we use to enhance productivity and accuracy.

Controls – Two basic principles of internal control are the separation of duties and the independence of those doing the work. With MontPac, many miles separate from our operations center from a client’s facility and opportunities for collusion are limited.

Disciplines – MontPac’s professional attitudes and training, scheduling and work flows combined with documented processes provide a framework for a disciplined accounting operation.

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