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Why choose MontPac?

We make accounting your business advantage

The Montpac advantage

Accounting Expertise

  • 17 years of accounting experience
  • Best practices developed and perfected through the years
  • Experts in different accounting systems like QuickBooks, Xero, Intuit etc
  • Over 300 accountants with four-year degrees in our Philippine based office — most are CPAs
  • Our comprehensive training programs ensure the staff is ready to handle all tasks and projects sent our way

Time & Cost Savings

MontPac is high-quality but low-cost provider of accounting service and you can grow with us:

  • We are scalable — grow as fast as you like and just add hours, not whole staff
  • Have quality accounting done at a low cost and let the savings flow to your bottom line
  • Offshore operations equal lower operating costs than in US

Financial Intelligence

You need accurate and timely financial information to run your business — we provide it:

  • We do all the daily accounting transaction processing and monthly close through to financial statement preparation and analysis
  • Timely reports on monthly metrics and KPIs make investors and stakeholders happy
  • Year-end is no longer a chore — we are on it!
  • We use various automation tools for more efficient workflow processes


We could go on and on about how great we are at what we do, but there’s no one else who can better say it than our clients. Here’s what they think about MontPac.

I really appreciate the service and value that MontPac provides and have been using them for over 8 years. They have a great team of accounting professionals and the peace of mind knowing that our books are being actively and accurately managed is invaluable. The MontPac team leaders are attentive and responsive to our specific needs and have never missed a deadline or due date. I consider Montpac to be an integral asset to our business and wholeheartedly recommend them.


General Manager, Servpro Hawaii

My bookkeeping was a mess when I hired MontPac to take it over. They did a fabulous job cleaning up my messy accounts, setting up an organized system and ongoing monthly reconciliations. They are very diligent in seeing how my cash flow is working for me and holding me accountable to my business. I *HIGHLY* recommend MontPac!


President and CEO, CFP Media Group

When I first evaluated MontPac, the references I spoke to shared that MontPac was truly a strong partner you would never need to worry about. It’s hard to believe, but that is exactly how our relationship has been over the past 5 years; I never worry. MontPac has a tremendous work and quality ethic. The work stands for itself and is thoroughly of the highest quality. From initial contact, to onboarding in our NetSuite instance, to working across all of my business’ time zones and geographies, the MontPac team is a real treat to work with. I will direct the companies that I advise to consider MontPac at the top of their list of vendors.


CEO and Co-founder, Dynamic Action

I can say in all sincerity that It is near impossible to list all the benefits MontPac accounting has provided our property management company and myself. First let me say our firm is quickly becoming “Paper-Free” and we no longer keep paper files only electronic files for our clients, tenants, vendors and service providers. Can you possibly imagine the DAILY amount of data entry into all program applications we have as Hawaii’s largest property management and real estate firm? MontPac is the company our company relies on to keep our company running correctly and smoothly concerning these business issues. In my 24 years of property management service here on Oahu, Hawaii, MontPac is the best, most complete and professional account servicing agency I have ever used without exception.


Locations LLC

The Ultimate Burger deserves nothing but the ultimate accounting and financial management services that MontPac provides! We started with only bills processing with them and now they do the whole accounting process which includes specialized reports such as food costing analysis, pricing analysis for specific products on demand, and investor’s reports for just the fraction of the cost if I were to hire my own accounting department! MontPac is the right choice for the Ultimate Burger’s worry-free accounting needs.


Ultimate Burger Restaurant

I worked with the accounting staff to clean up the books and set up GL accounts correctly, not only it was done well and in a timely manner, it was much better than previous reporting system. Also, the MontPac team suggested ways to boost efficiency in the close process. The team worked diligently and demonstrated professional integrity in the process. I highly recommend.


Sohn and Associates

I use the Montpac team for 4 different entities. They do a great job for all 4, it saves me time and the output is much better. Thank you!


President, Connext LLC

High-value Financial Management

MontPac is an integrated and organic element of a client’s organization and operations. We ensure that management information is timely, precise, accurate and meaningful so that business owners can make informed decisions that is vital to the growth of their business. A partnership with MontPac ensures that decisions are made based on appropriate level of detail as we measure critical elements of the enterprise.

1. Professional financial management guidance-big company competence
2. Comprehensive and timely financial information for management decisions
3. Integrated and seamless accounting, financial reporting and taxation planning and return preparation
4. Budgets, measurements, key performance indicators
5. Enhanced control over spending and focus on profitability
6. Improved internal controls
7. Saves management time
8. Lower cost yet demonstrably higher value
9. Improve overall company productivity

Reduced Management Complexity

We take your accounting headaches and make them our own. Accounting is our specialty and we have hired and trained over 300 professionals; half of which are CPAs to focus on the critical elements of your business so that you can continue to pursue your key strength as a business and service your customers with excellence. MontPac in-sources the accountants you outsource and creates redundancies to ensure that you have more than 1 person handling your books.

Your benefits:

  • No need for accountant’s office space
  • No hiring, managing, leading, replacing finance personnel
  • No absenteeism
  • No employee turn-over
  • No single point of failure
  • No STRESS!

Superior Client Service

There is no client too small or too big for MontPac. All clients are equally important to ensure our success as a business. Doing good business means delighting our clients by providing them with the numbers they need even before they ask for it. The structure of our system guarantees that we meet our commitments to our clients. Our clients can range from any type of industry as long as they need accounting service.

We value:
– Responsiveness
– Frequent and clear communications
– Anticipating client’s needs
– Reminders and follow-up
– Adherence to process, systems and disciplines
– Positive and friendly attitude

Over the years, MontPac has made itself proficient in various accounting tools and programs, and is continuously adapting to new accounting technologies.

Outstanding People

This is the MontPac Way. Our people live by these characteristics and the best part of it all, we are passionate about what we do because we always want to be the best in our craft.

Here are some words from our people.


Security and Business Continuity

We take security of your accounting records very seriously. The following are just some of the areas of our ongoing security practices:

  • Facilities Security
  • Internet Security
  • Protection From Viruses, Malware and Spyware
  • Software Patch Management
  • Password Policy
  • PC Workstation Policies
  • Input-Output Device Policy
  • Data Back-up
  • Redundancy & Failover

Robust Systems, Controls and Disciplines


Over MontPac’s many years of client service, we have refined the systems we use to enhance productivity and accuracy.


Two basic principles of internal control are the separation of duties and the independence of those doing the work. With MontPac, many miles separate from our operations center from a client’s facility and opportunities for collusion are limited.


MontPac’s professional attitudes and training, scheduling and work flows combined with documented processes provide a framework for a disciplined accounting operation.

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