MontPac is an integrated and organic element of a client’s organization and operations. We ensure that management information is timely, precise, accurate and meaningful so that business owners can make informed decisions that are vital to the growth of their business. A partnership with MontPac ensures that decisions are made based on appropriate levels of details as we measure the critical elements of the enterprise.


  • Implementation and Documentation

    • Chart of Accounts, Coding and Reporting Concepts
    • Manual of Accounts
    • Authority Delegations
    • Document Controls and Archiving
    • Transaction Processing and Reporting Procedures
    • Accounting System File Review
    • Monthly Financial Calendar Thirteen Months Forward
    • Paperless Conversion of Vendors And Customers
    • IT Set-up and Training

  • Transaction Processing

    Cash Receipts Processing

    • Bank Accounts
    • Merchant Accounts
    • Daily Cash Receipts
    • Merchant Account Processing

    Sales And Accounts Receivable

    • Sales Orders
    • Customer Invoices
    • Customer Statements
    • Payment Applications
    • Credit Memos and Refunds
    • First Contact – Accounts Receivable Collection
    • Customer Management: Set-Up, Maintenance
    • Inter-company Accounting

    Accounts Payable

    • Vendor Bills Processing
    • Credit and Debit Card Processing
    • Vendor Payments
    • Purchase Orders Processing
    • Expense Reports Processing
    • Vendor Management: Vendor Set-Up, Maintenance
    • Inter-company Accounting

    Inventory And Cost Accounting

    • Cost Accounting And Standard Costs
    • Inventory Transactions
    • Inventory Valuation and Monitoring

    Fixed Assets, Prepayments and Accruals

    • Fixed Asset Accounting
    • Prepayments and Accruals
    • Journal Entries


    • Processing
    • Payroll Checks
    • Liability Checks

  • Reports

    Cash Management

    • Bank Reconciliation
    • Bank Monitoring
    • Low Balance Notice

    Financial Reporting & Monthly Package

    • Monthly Closing Procedures
    • Balance Sheet, Income Statement, Cash Flow Statement
    • Supporting Schedules
    • Account Analyses
    • Investigations
    • AR Aging Report
    • AP Aging Report

    Other Reports

    • Custom Reports
    • KPI Reports
    • Financial Analysis (for selected accounts and period)
    • Financial Statements with Trend Reports (for selected period)

  • Tax Related

    United States

    • Upon effective date of contract, W-9 management for contractors and vendors
    • 1099/1096 Reporting
    • Sales Tax
    • G-45 Filing
    • G-49 Annual Filing
    • G-17 Resale Certificate for Wholesale
    • W-2
    • W-3
    • Payroll Taxes
    • Federal (940, 941, 944, 940-V)
    • State
    • Review


    • Form 2550M – Monthly Value-Added Tax Declaration
    • Form 2550Q – Quarterly Value Added Tax Return preparation
    • Form 1601C – Monthly Remittance Return of Income Tax Withheld on
    • Form 1604CF – Annual Information Return of Income Tax Withheld on
      compensation and Final Withholding Taxes
    • Form 1601E – Monthly Remittance Return of Creditable Income Tax Withheld
    • Form 1604E – Annual Information Return on Creditable Income Tax Withheld
      (expanded) / Income Payments Exempt from Withholding Taxes

  • Other Services

    Forecast and Budget Preparation

    • Cash
    • Profit & Loss


    • Assist auditors and tax accountants of clients by providing necessary schedules and
      documentary support and addressing their queries on specific transactions

    Financial Expertise

    • Periodic reviews of internal controls and best practice and efficiency recommendations
    • Participation in management and board of directors’ meetings, as desired
    • Advice and counsel, as appropriate

    Optional: QuickBooks Hosting through MontPac

    • MontPac will host and maintain the Client’s QuickBooks file and will provide login licenses for authorized Client staff. Alternately, MontPac can access the Client’s server and in this case, the Client will provide MontPac with the appropriate number of user login licenses.

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