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About us

We go beyond accounting to help you run your business better.

Our Founder

          Montgomery Pacific Corporation (MontPac) was founded on July 1st, 2006 by Henry C. Montgomery III, a seasoned Fortune 500 senior financial executive who had over 50 years of experience in accounting, financial, and corporate management. He founded MontPac with a vision of helping small to medium-sized companies succeed by providing a cost effective and scalable financial management capability similar to the Fortune 500 companies where he was CFO. Starting with a team of 8 accountants operating in Makati City, Manila in 2006, MontPac now operates in Clark, Pampanga, where more than 130 accountants provide world class accounting services to over 300 clients all over the US and other parts of the globe. Today, MontPac is being led by Henry’s son, Monty, an experienced CFO, who has over 28 years of experience in the accounting and business process outsourcing industry.


Core Focus

To enable small businesses to have a world-class accounting experience and our staff to grow in their profession in an environment of integrity and excellence.

Corporate Values

This is the MontPac Way. Our people live by these standards and the best part of it all, they are passionate about what they do because they always want to be the best in their craft.

  • Integrity
  • Customer Service
  • Excellence
  • Synergy and Teamwork
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Compassion
  • Balance

MontPac’s Distinguishing Characteristics

Power of Process

Structure of System

Rigor of Discipline

Excellence and Grace of our Team

MontPac provides its services in a systematic manner. All processes are designed, engineered and documented to economically and accurately meet client financial management needs. Our disciplines are those associated with first tier organizations of any type and our personnel are well trained, experienced and, of paramount importance, motivated and trained to deliver our services with courtesy, charm and grace. They work directly with clients and achieve professional and positive relationships with them. MontPac is a company of absolute integrity and professionalism in all regards.

MontPac Operational Elements

Planning and anticipation are required to ensure that MontPac meets client needs for daily transaction processing, general accounting and financial reporting. Management information provided by the finance operation can give a company competitive advantages and simplifies management tasks.

We plan out client deliverables and document those in a monthly calendar that is prepared for twelve months in the future. This guides the MontPac operations to ensure timely deliveries of client reports.

Through disciplined accounting regimens, we produce financial reports, with analytical comments, within five working days after each month end. To do so consistently requires coordination of all elements of the MontPac services and anticipatory processes, disciplines, systems and quality personnel.


Process – Anticipation and Planning

All clients receive comprehensive calendars of events which are delivered one week in advance of each month end. The calendars are maintained on a 12 month advance basis to permit planning for periodic deliverables such as 1099s, tax returns, government reports and the like.

Frequent communication with clients provides opportunities for MontPac to assess future client needs.


Process – Work Flows

MontPac’s workflows are engineered to avoid dependence upon individuals and are consistently employed for all clients.

All workflows are documented and where client interfaces are required, such as scanning, clearly understandable procedures are provided to the client to ensure smooth operations.

MontPac should employ maximum use of the productivity inherent in accounting and archiving systems and other related and work flow activities.

Process – Personnel Training

All MontPac personnel are trained on the use of accounting, word processing and Excel type systems. The training includes the basic skill sets required plus the productivity techniques of such systems to promote productivity and accuracy among MontPac personnel.


All finance organizations must be highly disciplined to meet the multiplicity of their responsibilities to their organizations and to achieve highest performance standards.

MontPac’s disciplines include rules of conduct, meeting commitments, sustained client service standards and standards of professional financial management.


An emphasis on system is the structural strength of MontPac and its operations.

MontPac naturally requires accounting software to perform its services. MontPac does not, however, require clients to use any specific software product. MontPac is comfortable in all vertical market and broad based ERP systems, including those designed for smaller operations such as QuickBooks.

Supporting the systems are the detailed procedures in ISO 9001 format which enable MontPac to operate the accounting and related systems effectively.


Our Awesome Team

Monty Montgomery

President & CEO

Monty has over 27 years of experience in financial management and business process outsourcing (BPO) services. Prior to becoming CEO of MontPac, Monty was CEO of Startup Financial Management Inc, CFO of TechFarm Ventures and CEO of Montgomery Financial Services Corp. Monty was also the acting CFO of Metacloud and he helped guide the company through its successful acquisition by Cisco. Monty has a passion for accounting and for providing services that help business owners become better informed enabling better business decisions.            


Vicky Gaudiel

Senior VP / Director - Operations / CFO

Vicky joined MontPac as a Team Leader in 2008 and has since worked her way up until she became the Chief Financial Officer of the company. As the CFO, Vicky is in charge of the overall strategic financial management of MontPac. She lends CFO capabilities when she wears her SVP role for select group of clients with the objective of improving profitability and overall financial health of each. Vicky’s previous stints with global companies such as Ernst & Young Bermuda, PriceWaterhouse Coopers and QBE Insurance (Phils) Inc., has provided her with keen insights and experience in international financial management systems.

Mauee David

Vice President - Client Services

Mauee graduated Magna Cum Laude in BA Accountancy and is a Certified Public Accountant. Prior to joining MontPac, Mauee worked with the Philippine affiliate of Ernst & Young. In 2012, she moved to MontPac as a Senior Associate and has moved up the corporate ladder until she became the VP for client services. Currently, she is responsible with overseeing MontPac’s accounting operations and managing all clients from different industries.

Joseph Ramos

Assistant Vice President - IT

Joseph’s passion and extensive knowledge in IT have made him stand out even just in the earlier years of his career. Joseph started off as a Systems Administrator for an international business company and was promoted to Management Information Systems Manager after only a year. Now, Joseph greatly contributes to MontPac by introducing and developing the internal systems of the company.                                                                           

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